Federal Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is one of the biggest investments that one can make. However, as a federal employee, your benefits and retirement structure are complex and unique. You need a team of fed-focused retirement planning experts who understand the often-nuanced retirement options that are available to federal employees.

Serving Those Who Serve offers just that; a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals who work exclusively with federal employees to help them achieve the long, healthy, and happy retirement that they deserve.

You served our country, now allow us to serve you.

We’re Experts in Financial Planning for Federal Employees

35 Years of Helping Feds

For over three decades, we have helped thousands of Feds maximize their benefits and reach their retirement goals.

Dual-Licensed Financial Planners

All STWS planners are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants℠. The CFP® mark has long been upheld as the gold standard for financial planning – CFP® professionals must meet stringent education, experience, examination, and ethical standards and are true fiduciaries, with a sworn obligation to put their clients’ interest ahead of their own and to preserve good faith and trust. The Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant℠ designation requires extensive training and continuing education requirements to stay up-to-date on the expansive and ever-changing federal government benefits programs that form the foundation of your federal retirement. ChFEBC℠ professionals have extensive knowledge about FERS, CSRS, and Special Provisions. So, if you have questions about your TSP, FEGLI, Social Security, or other aspects of your retirement benefits, we can help!

A Holistic Approach to Federal Retirement Planning

Planning Based on Your Goals

Every client’s values and goals are unique, so we work hard to ensure that each retirement plan is bespoke to each individual. Retirement can look very different to different people, and we want to help you design and achieve the retirement of YOUR dreams—not anyone else’s. To do this, we’ll help you identify your unique financial goals and then build a sustainable plan to achieve them.

Fluent in Federal Benefits

Unlike other advisors for whom federal employees are just a drop-down item among many on a list of services, we have made feds our entire focus. That means you NEVER have to “translate” your federal retirement benefits for us. We just get it. 

And as federal retirement planning experts, we understand how important proactive benefit decisions are for an abundant retirement. Our team of trained advisors is ready to help you navigate your options. From your TSP to FEGLI to Disability and Long-Term Care insurance, we can help you make the best decisions to take care of the ones who matter most.

Multi-Generational Financial Planning

Your financial planning affects more than just you – it can impact your loved ones. For that reason, we consider financial planning a family affair. We’ll help you implement financial planning and wealth management strategies that will not only improve your own financial situation, but those of future generations.

Personalized Experience

Set your own meeting cadence based on your own unique needs! Whether you prefer to meet with us annually, bi-annually, or on a quarterly basis, our team is accountable, accessible, and committed to your needs. And for the stuff that pops up outside regularly scheduled appointments? Don’t sweat it. Our relationship-based approach gives you the freedom to meet with us as often as needed.