2022 Federal Pay Raise

A bill drafted in the House of Representatives reflects support for Biden Administration’s proposed figure of 2.7%

At the end of June, a draft of a bill was approved by the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Subcommittee in the House of Representatives. The bill itself had no mention of what the across-the-board pay raise should be in 2022 for federal employees. The omission means that the subcommittee, which is a part of the House Appropriations Committee, ultimately decided to concur with the 2.7% figure that was suggested in the White House’s recommended budget. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat representative from Virginia, has continued to push for a higher raise, however. With support from the NTEU (National Treasury Employees Union), Connolly is urging Congress and the White House to reconsider making next year’s salary increase higher, recommending 3.2%- the same percentage he proposed this past February when he introduced the FAIR act.

The 2022 Financial Services and General Government Funding Bill

So if the 2022 federal pay raise wasn’t included in this year’s FSGG funding bill, then what was? A few items that were written into the proposed legislation include:

  • Health insurance providers participating in the FEHB program would be able to cover abortion services- something that is not allowed currently.
  • Dreamers” or DACA recipients would be able to work for the Federal Government.
  • Agencies would have to offer remote working options for employees who are eligible for telework when working on-site would put the health and safety of said employee “in question.”


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2022 Federal Pay Raise

2022 Federal Pay Raise