Special FEHB Open Season Webinar

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the leading professionals on Federal Employee Benefits, Ed Zurndorfer, in a complimentary webinar for federal employees.

This Session Covers

  • Types of FEHB program plans
  • FEHB program coverage benefits
  • How to choose an FEHB program plan
  • 2024 FEHB program changes
  • Some tips for choosing/changing an FEHB program plan for 2024
  • Some FEHB program enrollment tips
  • FEHB program and Medicare
  • Why every federal employee needs to be enrolled in a health care flexible spending account (HCFSA)
  • What is a Health Savings Account (HSA) and how the FEHB program and an HSA work together
  • How to maximize the full potential of an HSA
  • HCFSA versus HSA versus HRA
  • FEDVIP information

... plus more!

* Raymond James is not affiliated with Ed Zurndorfer. Any opinions are those of Ed Zurndorfer and not necessarily those of Raymond James.

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Special FEHB Open Season Webinar

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