Understanding Your Federal Retirement Benefits: FERS


Virtual Training Session presented by



to learn from one of the leading professionals on Federal Employee Benefits-


in a webinar for Federal Employees


February 3, 2021

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The Event will be Hosted on Zoom


For FERS Employees

Zoom Event Presented by Ed Zurndorfer

Link to Event will be Provided after Registration

The Virtual Training Session Will Cover:

An Overview of FERS & Different Types of Retirement

Types of Service Used for Determining Eligibility to Retire Under FERS, Employee

& Agency Contributions to FERS, Military Service & Temporary Time

& the FERS Annuity Computation, Minimum Age & Service Requirements,

Early Retirement, Deferred Retirementh & "Postponed” Retirement

Understanding the Annuity Computation

Amount of an Annuity, the Length of Service & Unused Sick Leave,the High-3 Average Salary, the Effective Date of your Annuity, FERS Transfers from CSRS, the Special Retirement Supplement, Possible Reduction of your FERS Annuity, and Survivor Benefits

& Other Information for FERS Annuitants

Submitting your Retirement Application, Receipt of First Annuity Check,

Future Questions Regarding Retirement & Insurance Issues, and more!

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