2022 FEVS - Federal Government Job Satisfaction ; image: bored woman at desk

The Office of Personnel Managements (OPM) conducts an annual survey across federal agencies, known as FEVS. The results from last year’s survey were published last month, showing that the response rate for 2022 was 35.3%, slightly better than the previous year’s 33.8% but still well below the 44.3% rate from 2020. More federal employees, 1,582,112 to be exact, were invited to participate than the prior two surveys. Of those surveys administered, 557,778 submitted their answers.

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The first part of the FEVS report shows the demographics of the entire federal workforce, as of the end of July 2022. Federal workers born in 1945 or earlier remained at less than 1%, meaning there are some feds from this generation are still working. While ‘generation X’ and ‘generation Z’ both remained at 43% and 2% respectively, baby boomers and millennials traded 1% since the previous FEVS. Those born between 1946 and 1964 dipped from 24% to 23% while ‘generation Y’ went up from 30% to 31% of all federal employees.

Federal Worker Job Satisfaction

66% or FEVS respondents claimed to be satisfied with their job for 2022, a slight drop from 2021 when it was 67%, but still 6% lower than the 2020 survey that showed job satisfaction at 72%. In this category, medium-sized agencies (1000 to 9999 employees) reported the highest portion of satisfied workers with 73% of applicable respondents. Very large federal agencies, defined as those with 75,000 or more employees, had the lowest rate with 66%. In terms of pay satisfaction, 56% were satisfied with their salaries across all government agencies. This is a 5% decrease from the 61% pay satisfaction rate reported for 2021. Very small agencies, with 100 employees or less, had the highest pay satisfaction rate with 64%. Again, very large agencies were least satisfied, with a 55% positive response rate.


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2022 FEVS - Federal Government Job Satisfaction ; image: bored woman at desk

2022 FEVS Results: Federal Government Job Satisfaction