The 2024 Pay Raise for Feds ; image: happy coworker
  • The best articles and podcasts of the past year. Did you know you can use untouched 529 funds into a Roth IRA?
  • Learn what article topic made Katelyn and Dan sad… and what federal benefit is the most “stealthy.”
  • Why you some feds won’t see the 2024 5.2% raise until January 26th.

The Fed15 Podcast (Ep. 29): The 2024 Pay Raise for Feds

The Amazing Katelyn Murray talks about her dreams of running away to join the circus. But first – she’s going to go over the best content produced by the STWS Team this past year. This includes topics like 529 funds, TSP contributions, disability retirement, USPS Health Benefits, and federal retirement mistakes.

And then what you came to hear – news about the 2024 federal pay raise! The 5.2% average raise was made official by an executive order signed right before Christmas.

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The 2024 Pay Raise for Feds ; image: happy coworker

Fed15 Podcast: 2024 Pay Raise and Reviewing 2023 for Feds