FDA Scientists

STWS takes a look at prominent jobs of the Federal Government. This week: Scientists at the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Being an FDA scientist can be broken down into three broad categories:

The Researcher

Picturing a guy in a lab coat holding a test tube? This is the scientist. FDA researchers explore, experiment, and scrutinize products that companies want approved for production and distribution. The list of items extends beyond strictly “food” and “drugs” to tobacco, make-up, and X-ray equipment. Consumer safety is the name of the game.

The Reviewer

Whether they are reviewing documents from a company that is requesting FDA approval or looking over results and conclusions from the research scientists from above, these FDA scientists do a lot of reading.

The Investigator

These scientists perform duties most people might associate with a law enforcement position. These federal employees go out to the companies that manufacture FDA-approved products to ensure that research and manufacturing regulations are abided.

For all three, the main concern is the safety of the consumer. Without the arduous efforts put in by FDA scientists, the history (and future) of food and drug safety would surely contain many more horror stories than currently exist.

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FDA Scientists

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FDA Scientists