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Cost-of-living adjustments for federal retirees: Social Security COLA, CSRS COLA, and COLAs for CSRS-offset and FERS.

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FedLife Podcast (ep. #120): Cost of Living Adjustments for CSRS, FERS, and Social Security Retirement Benefits

Dan and Ed are covering everything federal annuitants need to know when it comes to annual COLAs for your federal pension and social security benefits. They discuss the implications of these adjustments for retirees’ financial planning and the differences between CSRS and FERS COLAs.

Featured in this episode:

  • The Consumer Price Index for Urban Workers (CPI-U)
  • The base quarter for calculating COLAs is from July 1 to September 30.
  • Effective Date for COLAs
  • What is shrinkflation?
  • What FERS and CSRS annuitants should be aware of
  • What is the COLA rate difference between the two types of pensions?

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COLAs for CSRS podcast - COLA for FERS - image: colas

Podcast for Federal Employees: COLAs for CSRS and FERS