Income Tax Milestones - image: someone hiking

With respect to Federal Income Taxes, here are the age milestones for federal employees and retirees.

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FedLife Podcast (ep. #117): Federal Employee Income Tax Milestones

Are you a federal employee who does their own taxes? You won’t want to miss this episode, going over every milestone from age 13 to age 73.

Featured in this episode:

  • Tax credits that every federal worker and annuitant should be aware of
  • Did you know you can use summer camp expenses to get the child care tax credit?
  • Earned income – contribute to an IRA! (Even if you’re a dependent)
  • I’m a federal retiree and I have a traditional TSP Account, when can I make withdrawals and not be subject to a 10% IRS penalty?
  • Good news for feds at age 59 and ½ or older.
  • Required minimum distributions

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Income Tax Milestones - image: someone hiking

Podcast: Important Income Tax Milestones