Savers tax credit ; image: a wallet

Discussing the world of Roth IRA contributions and the Saver’s Tax Credit. Learn how these financial tools can help grow your wealth a secure your future.

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FedLife Podcast (ep. #119): A Deep Dive into Roth IRA Contributions and the Saver’s Tax Credit

Ed and Dan shed light on the often overlooked Saver’s Tax Credit, a boon for low to moderate-income taxpayers. Tune in to learn how to leverage these tools to maximize your savings and navigate your way to financial freedom.

Featured in this episode:

  • AGI Limits for Roth IRA contributions
  • Information on the tax cred for savers
  • Why younger workers should utilize the Roth IRA
  • Excess contribution penalties
  • Pre-tax dollars and non-deductible IRA contributions
  • Recharacterizing IRA contributions – IRS-8606
  • Information on the $2000 tax credit

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Savers tax credit ; image: a wallet

Podcast for Federal Employees: Saver's Tax Credit