Medicare Part D ; image: a very smiley pharmacist
  • Inflation Reduction Act makes FEHB enrollees able to benefit from Medicare part D.
  • 17 FEHB Plans will offer a Medicare part D component in 2024.
  • FEHB open season is the time to evaluate the costs and benefits of part D.

Medicare part D covers prescription drug costs and in the past, it was something federal retirees didn’t have to really worry about. But now, thanks mostly to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, that is no longer the case. Among other reforms, the act capped insulin costs at $35/month and made it so Medicare D premiums cannot go up more than 6% from the previous year.

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The prospect of adding Medicare D coverage to a federal retiree’s health insurance might also be appealing due to FEHB premiums increasing an average of 7.7% in 2024 and Medicare B premiums rising 5.9% - which will offset the 3.2% COLA for social security retirement benefits.

OPM has been encouraging FEHB plans to include Medicare part D components and for 2024, there will be 17 health plans that have part D coverage. All of these plans, except those offered through the carrier BCBS, will auto-enroll eligible individuals in Medicare part D. Those covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) will need to opt-in unless they are already enrolled in both parts A and B. If an FEHB enrollee has health insurance other than one of these 17 plans, they are still able to enroll in part D separately.

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Medicare Part D ; image: a very smiley pharmacist

FEHB Enrollees and Medicare Part D