FEMP Award Ceremony

Overview of the Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, where the FEMP will hand out 4 types of awards to around 30 individuals or teams.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is administered by the Department of Energy and aims to have the country’s largest consumer of energy, the Federal Government, lead by example in terms of implementing renewable energy and water management innovations. It does this by providing resources for federal agencies to ensure they are operating in an energy efficient manner, and helping redesign federal facilities with environmental friendliness as a top focus.

The FEMP also recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of energy management for the US government. The Federal Energy and Water Management Awards celebrates individuals, groups, and agencies that have made “outstanding contributions in the areas of energy and water efficiency, resilience, and technology achievements; distributed energy, cybersecurity, and fleet management at federal facilities.”

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The next award ceremony will be held on the evening of October 26th in Cincinnati, OH. It will distribute 8 career service awards to individual federal workers, and then 22 other awards to various groups across several federal agencies. The other three types of awards are known as contract, program, and project. There will be 4 contract awards, 3 program awards, and 15 project awards handed out. Agencies recognized for the contract awards are DLA, NASA, the US Navy, and the DOT. The groups receiving the recognition are from Texas, Virginia, California, and Florida. Two US Army programs and one conducted by the US Air-Force are to be recipients of awards, representing North Carolina, California, and Virginia. The project awards are to be given to 5 teams from the US Army, 3 from the US Air Force, 2 from Homeland Security, 2 from DHS, 2 from NOAA, 1 individual from NASA, and a single team from the USDA. These awardees hail from Hawaii, Georgia, Kansas, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Alaska, Washington State, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

The career service awards will recognize the following federal employees:

  • Johnny Bernal, NASA – New Mexico
  • Frances Borato, NASA – Ohio
  • Douglas Conover, NASA – Texas
  • Donald Swedinovich, NASA – Ohio
  • Randy Monohan, Marine Corps – Virginia
  • Gene Curtiss, US Army – Texas
  • Yasin El-Mayta, US Navy – Maryland
  • Antonio Piluso, US Navy – Siognella US Naval Air Station, Sicily, Italy

For more information on what garnered the recognition from FEMP, check out this article.


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FEMP Award Ceremony

FEMP Award Ceremony