How the TSP is Taxed Podcast ; image: two coworkers talking

• This week’s episode goes over the many TSP withdrawal types and how each gets taxed differently. Plus, Dan’s got some helpful financial tips for feds.

The Fed15 Podcast (Ep. 46): How the TSP is Taxed and Some Financial Tips

When it comes to withdrawing from your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), understanding the tax implications is crucial. In this episode, Katelyn breaks down the key considerations.

Then, Dan goes over essential components of a comprehensive protection plan. From liability protection to umbrella policies, we’ve got you covered.


The Fed15 podcast is presented by Serving Those Who Serve, a financial planning practice serving federal government employees and retirees all over the country.

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How the TSP is Taxed Podcast ; image: two coworkers talking

Podcast: Some Financial Tips for Federal Employees