Job in a Different Government Agency

The first piece from our Coach’s Corner on deciding to take a position at another agency –


Chapter One: Self-Exploration

Are you looking for something more in your job? Maybe you want to be a manager but management positions in your agency are blocked for now.  My “Pursuing a Job in a Different Government Agency” series will provide a guide to help you prepare yourself and get in the best position possible help you to make your move.

Your journey starts with self-exploration. Sit at your computer, or with a clean sheet of paper, and put thoughts down to consider. Start by honestly contemplating:

  • Why do you want to change jobs?
  • What are the pros of your current job?  What are the cons?
  • What do you value in general?
    • Do you want flexible hours?  Do you want more telework? Do you seek to make a larger impact? What excites you at work? Do you like to help others solve problems? Does another agency’s mission excite you?
  • Professionally, are you running away from or toward something?
  • What roles have you flourished in?
  • What skills/certifications would improve your chances to move to the next level?
  • What do you want to accomplish before you wind up your federal career?

Knowing yourself is important clue in where to direct your focus. Think back through your career and identify what work has best suited you. For example: Do you like to work with people, or prefer more solitary work? Are you called to lead, to help others grow and improve their skills? Do you like to problem solve, organize activities, or coordinate larger projects into a series of smaller steps on a timeline?  Do you like to be part of a larger impactful mission? What roles have you enjoyed the most and flourished in? When have you been most fulfilled at work?

If you have been procrastinating, seriously look at what’s holding you back from acting.  Fear can be a big impediment to career advancement. Believe in your abilities and resilience. Get comfortable with the fact that the greatest growth is achieved outside of your current comfort zone. As you figure things out, look for opportunities to expand your experience.

The key to your journey is to get started. Start with self-reflection. Once you have a general direction to aim at, start to take steps to improve the skills and experience that you have in your tool belt. These will all be helpful later in the process.  Next, we’ll look at how to add to those skills.

The "Coach's Corner"  Articles are written by Robert Oberleitner, executive coach.  Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse the opinions or services of Robert Oberleitner.

Job in a Different Government Agency

Job in Different Government Agency