Medicare Premiums 2021

Medicare Premiums for 2021 have been announced, STWS advisor Jennifer Meyer, CFP, explains what this means for feds.

Jennifer Meyer, CFP

This time of year can be especially stressful for federal retirees as they await the announcement of the COLA (cost of living adjustments) to their pensions and social security; along with the increases in the cost for Medicare premiums. Several weeks ago, the COLA adjustment was announced at 1.3% for 2021 and last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the increase to Medicare premiums.

As expected, Medicare Premiums will be increasing in 2021. The 2.7% increase in the Medicare Part B premium is slightly higher than double the 1.3% 2021 COLA increase for social security and federal retiree pensions. The Medicare B premium for the majority of Americans will increase $3.90 per month from $144.60 in 2020 to $148.50 in 2021. (source:

Medicare Part B premiums are tiered so that those with higher incomes will pay more in premium than those in the lower-income brackets. The following chart illustrates the new premium scale at all income levels.

2021 Medicare Part B Premiums

If your yearly income in 2019 (for what you pay in 2021) was…

File individual tax return
File joint tax return
File married & separate tax return
…then you pay each month (in 2021)

$88,000 or less

$176,000 or less

$88,000 or less


above $88,000 up to $111,000

above $176,000 up to $222,000

Not applicable


above $111,000 up to $138,000

above $222,000 up to $276,000

Not applicable


above $138,000 up to $165,000

above $276,000 up to $330,000

Not applicable


above $165,000 and less than


above $330,000 and less than $750,000

above $88,000 and less than 



$500,000 or above

$750,000 and above

$412,000 and above


Medicare A which covers inpatient hospital and skilled nursing care does not have a premium for the overwhelming majority of Americans as it is funded with the payroll taxes that one pays throughout their working career. However, Medicare A does have an annual deductible. For 2021, that deductible will be $1484, an increase of $76 from $1408 in 2020. In addition, the coinsurance that Medicare Part A beneficiaries will pay is also increasing from $352 in 2020 to $371 in 2021. (source:

The takeaway for federal retirees and for those planning to retire remains the same, the cost of your healthcare continues to rise at a faster rate than the annual adjustment on your pensions and social security. It is critical to plan ahead for this as you plan for and live in retirement.

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Medicare Premiums 2021

2021 Medicare Premiums