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This month's quiz for federal employees and retirees:

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February Quiz: TSP, FEGLI, and More!

This month's quiz covers the 2025 Federal Pay Raise, FEGLI in Retirement, recent TSP performance, and more!

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Other than the G Fund, which fund in the TSP saw a positive return for the month of January 2024?

Thrift Savings Plan 2022 Recap

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If the FAIR Act passed, the "across-the-board" federal pay raise for 2025 would be...

2024 Federal Pay Raise

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TRUE or FALSE: If you completely drop FEGLI option A coverage upon retirement, you can change your mind and regain your reduced FEGLI option A at no additional cost.

CSRS Offset Benefits

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If you start collecting a deferred FERS annuity at age 60, what is the age reduction penalty?

MRA+10 Postponed Retirement for FERS ; image: man waiting for train

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Starting in 2026, all TSP Catch-Up contributions will be required to go into the Roth TSP if your gross income from federal wages in the prior tax year was equal to or higher than...

2023 TSP Contribution

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Quiz for Federal Employees - Image: woman reading book

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