Post Offices Closed

In six states, postal service has been suspended, or at least interrupted, by severe winter storms – with over 100 facilities closed.

A large snowstorm ravaged several northern states last week, which caused the USPS to shutter the doors of several post offices. The temporary closures went into effect starting February 21st with an emergency announcement. At first, South Dakota was most impacted as 37 locations were closed, including Groton and Valley Spring. Iowa’s postal facilities in Maurice and South Amana were also closed down due to weather. Within the same announcement, operations at the Carthage, New York location were also temporarily paused, but this was because of “safety concerns.” According to local news reports, sparks and smoke were said to have been coming from an electrical line. The post office remains closed as it undergoes a safety evaluation.

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As the winter storm raged on, and a separate uncommon blizzard advanced on California, other post offices in four more states were shut down due to inclement weather. Besides California, 14 US Post Offices were closed in Minnesota, 23 in North Dakota, and in Michigan, 51 USPS facilities had been hit by power outages – along with over 700,000 homes.

While delivery service isn’t suspended in all of the area where facilities had to be shuttered, the USPS did note it cannot deliver mail if recipients of that mail don’t pitch in to provide safe access for their mail carrier. This includes roads being plowed and sidewalks shoveled so the mailbox can be safely reached by the US postal employee.


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Post Offices Closed

Over 100 Post Offices Closed