Thrift Savings Plan

Our weekly quiz goes over funds in the TSP and myths about owning an HCFSA.

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TSP Correction Territory

Weekly Quiz 36: Recent TSP News and Health Care Flexible Savings Accounts

Stay up to date with your Thrift Savings Plan investments – and test your knowledge on HCFSAs

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The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) recently suggested which TSP fund should be replace with an ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Fund?

Jane Lubchenco

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Which of the TSP’s core funds had a monthly return over 10% in November?

Thrift Savings Plan

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For an HCFSA, funds set aside for 2021 expenses can be used by December 31, 2022 – because of the COVID-19: True or False?

2023 FEHB and FEDVIP Premiums

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Thrift Savings Plan

Thrift Savings Plan Quiz