Understanding Social Security for Feds: learn about the Special Retirement Supplement for some feds who retire before age 62.

Eligible FERS works that retire prior to reaching age 62 have an extra benefit that is designed to supplement social security payments. The Special Retirement Supplement (SRS) may contain features similar to social security retirement benefits, but despite a prominent misconception, it is not paid, administrated, or otherwise related to the Social Security Administration (SSA). OPM handles all of the operational procedures involved and is funded by FERS.

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Here’s how it works: The SRS acts as a bridge for those who retire from federal service before the age of 62, which is the youngest age someone can claim social security retirement benefits. Unlike benefits paid by the SSA, the SRS amount isn’t raised by any COLAs.  And unless you are a special provisions employees who has not reached their minimum retirement age (MRA), the SRS payments are subject to the earnings test, which can reduce or eliminate the supplement. The MRA is between ages 55 and 57 depending on the year of birth and is structured similarly to the FRA (full retirement age) used for social security benefits.

Who is Eligible for the FERS Supplement?

First off, it is important to remember that the SRS is only available if you are collecting an immediate retirement. Those who take a deferred, postponed, or disability retirement cannot collect income from the SRS. With that in mind, here are the eligibility requirements for the SRS:


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The FERS Special Retirement Supplement