Cyber Warfare

How Army’s “digital transformation” is going after 2020 blueprint was initialized.

The US Army has requested $16.6 billion of its Fiscal Year 2023 budget be allocated to cybersecurity and IT funding. While the amount of money might sound large, it is just 9% of what had been laid out by a 2020 plan to transition to a digital cloud that will help the US Army and other defense organizations defend the nation’s interests on the frontlines of global cyber-warfare. The plan, or blueprint, aims to lay a secure digital foundation that will open doors to further modernize the Army’s networks, computers, and abilities to cooperate with other cybersecurity teams. In addition to that, transiting to the cloud will enable the creation of sophisticated artificial intelligence that will be necessary in keeping US interests safe, even in cyberspace.

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Plans for 2023

With the 16 and a half billion dollars that the Army hopes to spend on IT, the upcoming twelve months will be focused on accelerating migration to the cloud, and implementing the updated tools for use. Physical data centers will be audited to determine which can be phased out, and if not closed, what can be relocated. Existing digital infrastructure will be evaluated to decide how much is ready for the implementation of the new cloud-based system, and much isn’t. Lt. Gen. John Morrison recently called the upcoming year a “year of action” for moving to the cloud.


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Cyber Warfare

US Army: Cyber-Warfare