USPS Pay Raise

Postmaster DeJoy announced a 3% pay raise for non-bargaining employees – which includes non-career and EAS workers.

About 136,000 of all 653,000 USPS employees (over 20%) are “non-career” employees and roughly 49,000 USPS workers (around 7.5%) are “EAS” which stands for “Executive and Administrative Staff.” Both of these groups constitute what the USPS refers to as “non-bargaining” employees, because they are not allowed to be a member of a worker’s union.

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The EAS portion of “non-bargaining” postal employees do have an advocacy organization that works on their behalf, but is technically not a union, called “NAPS,” which is short for the National Association of Postal Supervisors. Along with advocating for 27,000 active and retired postal workers, NAPS also educates policymakers on keeping USPS pay competitive. Since 2016, there has been an ongoing lawsuit between USPS and the advocacy association regarding pay disparity between mail carriers and USPS clerks versus their supervisors.

3% Raise for Non-Bargaining USPS Employees

US Postmaster DeJoy announced on September 24th that a salary increase of 3% would be immediately in effect for USPS workers considered “non-bargaining.” Both non-career and EAS employees can expect to see the pay boost on their October 14th paychecks. Despite the modest bump in pay, this raise does not resolve the lawsuit mentioned above, which will enter its seventh year of litigation in 2023.


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USPS Pay Raise

USPS Pay Raise