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Quiz #43 features questions about recent news for federal employees, including OPM news regarding a cyber workforce dashboard plus oversight of FEHB participation. Also, more from the SECURE Act 2.0 that can impact a fed’s financial plan.

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2022 year-end tax planning

Weekly Quiz for Federal Employees: OPM and Financial Planning (#43)

Weekly Quiz: OPM’s new tool for the cyber workforce, lack of OPM oversight of ineligible FEHB participants, and more on the SECURE Act 2.0!

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Estimates have the cost of OPM performing a DEVA (dependent eligibility verification audit) of FEHB participants at how much?

difference between an HSA and an HCFSA

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Which data points will the new cyber workforce dashboard not contain?

New Recordkeeping Company

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What is the maximum amount of unused 529 funds that can rolled over into a Roth IRA, after 15 years?

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Quiz for Federal Employees

Quiz for Federal Employees