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The 48th weekly quiz focuses on recent TSP performance, taxation of FERS and CSRS, and budgetary talks in Congress.

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2023 TSP Contribution Limit

Quiz 48 on Federal Benefits

This week’s quiz is about TSP performance, budget debates on Capitol Hill, and taxes for federal annuitants.

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Which TSP fund has dropped over 10% in value from February 2022 – February 2023, but has gained 9.01% since the start of January 2023?

Thrift Savings Plan 2/22

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In negotiations over the federal budget, which of the following is not a proposal by Republicans in Congress?


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True or False: If you retired in October of 1996, you must use the IRS Simplified Method to calculate the tax-free portion of their CSRS or FERS annuity.

2023 COLA

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Federal Benefits - professional man reading a red book

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