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December 2023 Quiz for Feds

Our last quiz of the year features questions about the OPM Backlog, When to Withdraw Social Security, and more!

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Over the past decade, the number of air traffic controllers (ATCs) has dropped by how much?

Software Failure at FAA 2023

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At the end of November, OPM's backlog of retirement claims dropped to lowest point since when?

OPM Backlog of Retirement Claims ; image: Man looking at stack of papers on a desk

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From January 1 to November 30, how much did the C Fund grow?

Thrift Savings Plan

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Which agency had a facility experience a data breach on November 20th?

Cyberattack on US Government ; image: hacker in a hood

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What factors should be considered before withdrawing your Social Security retirement benefits?

2024 Federal Pay Raise and Government Shutdown ; image: clock and american flag

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