What is the FERS Survivor Annuity Supplement? Image: father with son

  • If you’re under the age of 60 and collecting a FERS survivor annuity, you might be eligible for the FERS Survivor Annuity Supplement.

While the FERS Special Retirement Supplement (SRS) is often discussed when it comes to retiring from the federal government, there is a similar benefit that is lesser known. This is the FERS Survivor Annuity Supplement, which acts to supplement for social security income until the recipient is eligible for that benefit – which occurs at age 60 if the surviving spouse doesn’t suffer from a disability.

The biggest differences between the FERS SRS and the Survivor supplement is that the one for surviving spouses is not subject to the earnings test and does receive the annual COLA, equivalent to that of FERS. These are two aspects of the SRS that are that respective benefit’s biggest drawbacks and are not present when it comes to the survivor annuity supplement.

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How do you know if you’re eligible for the FERS survivor annuity supplement? Well, the biggest factor is that you are receiving a FERS survivor annuity that you’re entitled to through a deceased spouse that worked for the federal government. You also have to be younger than 60 years old and not receiving social security disability benefits. Surviving spouses are eligible for survivor benefits from social security when they turn age 60 or upon age 50, if they’re considered disabled.

The supplement can only be claimed if when the widow or widower turns 60, they will be eligible for the social security survivor benefit based on their deceased partner’s employment under social security, and they are also not eligible for mother/father or disability benefits. Whether or not the individual actually takes social security survivor benefits when they become eligible at age 60 does not matter, only that they are eligible when the supplement is no longer disbursed.

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What is the FERS Survivor Annuity Supplement? Image: father with son

What is the FERS Survivor Annuity Supplement?