Why FEHB Self+1 Plans Cost More than Family Plans - image: man running
  • Ed goes over some tax savings tips when it comes to the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program.
  • Learn about the types of enrollment offered by the FEHB program
  • How can self+1 plans be more costly than family FEHB premiums?

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FedLife Podcast (ep. #110): Tax Benefits of Federal Employee Health Benefits

What to look for on your W2 when reviewing the tax advantages of FEHB. Learn about copayments, healthcare spending flexible spending accounts (HCFSA), types of enrollment, what family members are eligible, premium rates for self + one vs. family coverage.

Featured in this episode:

  • What benefit is for employees but not federal retirees?
  • Why feds should explore the opportunity offered by HCFSA
  • The difference between Self only, Self+1, and Family coverage
  • How actuaries impact the premium differences between types of plans
  • Better off getting 2 self-only plans instead of a self+1 plan?
  • Why some feds should opt out of premium conversion
  • Deducting medical expenses from taxes

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Why FEHB Self+1 Plans Cost More than Family Plans - image: man running

Podcast: Why FEHB Self+1 Plans Cost More Than Family Plans