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Monthly Quiz for October 2023

This month's quiz has questions about HSAs, FEHB, FLTCIP, and the TSP.

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For Health Savings Accounts (HSA), the annual deductible must be met before plan benefits can be used...

2024 HSA Contribution Limit for Federal Employees ; image: gold first aid kit on coins

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It was announced that FEHB premiums will increase in 2024 by an average of...

FEGLI Option A ; image: a stethoscope and the letter A

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Over the last 12 months (as of 9/30/23), which TSP core fund has grown over 20%?

TSP Recap October 2022

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What types of FLTCIP (Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program) policies will be subject to the upcoming premium increase?

Long Term Care Planning Webinar ; Image: Playing checkers at a nursing home

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A rule proposed in Congress would fine feds how much for publicly disclosing that they have a security clearance?

US Marshals Hacked - prisoner in court

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Quiz for Federal Employees ; image: three happy workers at computers

Monthly Quiz for Federal Employees