A Month for the Federal Workforce

A guide written last year about federal employees, retirement planning, and working with a financial advisor.

As stated in our “About” Section (here) – our mission at Serving Those Who Serve is to Reach, Teach, and Serve Federal Employees. For more than 3 decades, we’ve worked to Reach out to Feds, Teach and help them to better understand their retirement benefits, and Serve them. Serving Those Who Serve strives to equip you with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions about your financial life.

Reach. – it shouldn’t be hard to find the education and information you need for your federal benefits. Check out our podcast, FEDZONE articles by Ed Zurndorfer, and our other blogs for feds, highlighting both Federal Benefits Information and Recent Agency News.

Teach.With no-cost webinars featuring content by Ed Zurndorfer, you will find a program that fits your needs. Check out our webinar calendar here.

Ready to learn more about your federal benefits, financial planning, and retirement? Check out our no-cost webinar series for feds:

And Serve. Have a comfortable and frank conversation about your finances and retirement strategies. Our financial planners are specifically trained and accredited to serve you. Contact Us Here.

Happy FED-uary!

Serving Those Who Serve celebrates the men and women who commit themselves to our country’s civil service every day, so much so that since 2019, we’ve made the month of February into FED-uary!


Check out the series Jennifer Meyer wrote last year about what federal employees and their families should consider when preparing for retirement, including the pros and cons of working with a financial advisor:

And since last year, we’ve been making quick 3-question quizzes for feds on a weekly basis. Check out the FED-uary Quiz from 2022: FEDERAL BENEFITS QUIZ

Lastly, the month of February is also when we recognize African American history. Read our “Famous Fed” piece on Katherine Johnson, the NASA employee behind the film ‘Hidden Figures.’

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A Month for the Federal Workforce

A Month for the Federal Workforce