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This month's quiz focuses on the USPS, health benefits, and the upcoming federal pay raise.

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September 2023 Quiz for Feds

Our latest monthly quiz is about the 2024 federal pay raise, health benefits, and more!

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If covered by a self-only FEHB plan, what is the most an employee can contribute to their HSA in 2024?

Funding a Health Savings Account (HSA) - image: piggy bank wearing surgical mask

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The 2024 Federal Pay Raise was finalized last month at...

2021 Federal Pay Raise ; image: American Flag and 20 dollar bill

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Prescription drug coverage us included with Medicare parts A and B: TRUE or FALSE?

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What was the US Postal Service's quarterly loss for April to July 2023?

Eligible for FEDVIP ; image: mailman with glasses

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The new PSHB (Postal Service Health Benefits) program will also impact which of the following benefits?

FEHB Open Season

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Monthly Quiz ; image: Young workers gathered around computer, smiling

Monthly Quiz for Federal Employees